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Pendrell is alive!

Yes, our dear LabBoy is alive, or is he? Anyway, there are people who claim to have seen him. The eyewitnesses tell the story:

Special Agent Fox Mulder

"I went to the lab one morning to get something analysed, and there he was! He stood there, looking into his microscope just like before. So I shouted: 'Pendrell!' and started walking towards him. It was then I saw that the guy that stood by the microscope wasn't Pendrell! It was some other lab-guy, but I could have sworn that I saw Agent Pendrell there just a second ago."

Special Agent Dana Scully

"Ok, this is gonna sound really crazy, but I'm going to say it anyway. Here's what happened: I woke up in the middle of the night. My room was all dark and I couldn't understand why I had woke up. Then I saw Agent Pendrell--and I can swear it was him--standing outside my window. I didn't know what to think at first. Had I gone mad? Anyway, he just stood there, looking at me with a smile on his face. Then I blinked and all of a sudden he was gone. I went outside and checked, but there was no sign of him. Not a trace. Like he'd never been there. I can still remember that smile though"

Daniel C.

"I saw Pendy and Elvis walking in the field together this morning. They looked happy."


"I was walking along a street in Sydney and I just looked up in time to catch I glimpse of some dude with red hair. I just stared and stared until this guy with greying hair walked up to the guy and grab his arm. I swore he looked like Deep Throat. It was weird. I think I almost passed out. Then they walked out onto the road and disappeared. That's when I say Pendy."

Have you seen Agent Pendrell? If you have, send me (Philip Hellberg) a mail and tell me all about your encounter.