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Is Pendrell really dead?

A few weeks ago I heard a rumor about that Pendrell was going to get shot in an upcoming two-parter of The X-Files. Since we Pendrells care so much for LabBoy, I and a few other members of the Pendrells started a campaign called Save Pendrell where we were supposed to call and send letters and faxes with requests to save Pendrell to The X-Files production office.

Anyone who has seen the episodes 'Tempus Fugit' and 'Max' knows that Pendrell really got shot so the Save Pendrell-campaign was kind of a failure...


As a true Pendrell-fan however, I won't accept the fact that he's dead. Who knows, maybe he isn't! I mean, we never really got to see the moment of his death, right? So, for all that we know, maybe he didn't die at all. He could have been kidnapped by CSM's men or something. He might return as CSM's evil and brainwashed lacky in some other episode (although I wouldn't wanna see him on CSM's side), maybe not (thanx for the idea "blank").

What I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't lose all hope, Pendrell might come back!!!


If you feel really upset about Pendrell's death, here is some info of how you can get in touch with the production office:

Phone number to The X-Files production office in Canada:


Fax number to The X-Files production office in Canada:


Address to The X-Files production office in Canada:

C/O X-Files Production Office
Building 10
110-555 Brocks Bank Ave
N. Vancouver, BC V7J3S5

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