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Pendrell Forum?

Ok, this is not really a forum, more sort of a place where members can get their voice heard when it comes to matters concerning Pendrell or other supporting X-Files characters. Umm... wait a minute... That *is* a forum... eh... never mind.


Okay, here is a question why can Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) be nominated for an award and none of the other supporting X-Files characters? I am not only taliking about just Pendrell, althogh he does do a great job, I am talking about the great acting the we get from other characters. I don't know if its that they have not been recognised for the great job they do, or if they are being ignored. I think perhaps I may take a poll on what people think about that, it depends on if you, the members of the Pendrells are interested! So write to Pendrell, our faithfull leader with your responses to this and tell him if you would like me to make a poll!! Okey, thanks for your time, bye!!!

Dear Pendrells, I am currently attempting to find a place where we can send Beiser/Pendrell fan mail. If anyone out there knows, Please mail me;

Moreover, I totally agree with Paves. I was talking about Pendrell with my freinds at school. At first they said "Who's Pendrell?" I reminded them of Teliko, Master plan etc. Then they said "I can't beleive I didn't know what you talking about, he's so important to the show. Who play's his charecter? What an exellent actor." So, my point is that Pendrell is not only important to the X-files, but Beiser is important to the acting world!

I Love you all,

Liscay and Pendrell.

Thi one, by Verletzt, wasn't really supposed to be in the forum, it was just a regulat mail, but I liked it so much I decided to put it here anyway.

It is ludicrous to kill him off. This "If I help Mulder and Scully, I must be killed" syndrome is getting old VERY fast! First Deep Throat, then X, Mr. Mulder, Mellisa Scully, "almost" Skinner, Dr. Carpenter, the Thinker. I mean, damn, can't we get a little original here! Maybe he could be transfered, or made to appear less frequently(this would suck too, but at least there would be the posibility of him coming back). If this bar scene death is true, it is pathetic. Sure Pendrell would save Scully, but why would somebody shoot her in a bar. She already has cancer(so Cancer Man's bunch should just wait), and public shootings are all too frequent on the x-files(Skinner, and the crowd in Talitha Cumi). If Chris Carter does this he will be making a big mistake. I am going to call and fax a protest letter tomorrow. It probably won't do any good. FOX doesn't care about its fans, but we can try.

Dear Pendrells,

I just had the No. one weirdest idea yet. I think I know why Pendrell is going to be killed off. I came to this conclusion after "Musings of a CSM." screened in Australia. It seems obvious to me, from this episode and "Master Plan" that CSM is Mulder's dad.

Therefore, I propose the following:

CSM want's Mulder+Scully to fall in love, this is why she was sent to The X-Files in the first place. Scully goes out with Pendrell, things start getting steamy and CSM gets mad.

CSM decides to kill Pendrell so that Mulder can have Scully.

Remember, this is just a thaught. It will not necesarily occur, however it will clarify a number of things:

a) Mulders paternity
b) CSM's loyalty toward Mulder

If the death would occur as such, it would be symbolic and fit with all the episodes thus far.

Katherine "Liscay" Spira.

I've been watching television dramas for a long time, and I firmly believe that if you don't see the character:

A) Die (he WAS breathing when he left the bar),

B) Have a wake/funeral,

C) Get buried,

they're not dead. Hang on, Pendrell fans. You never know.

Jennifer "McGroom"

Agent Pendrell is not dead. Hello. People wakey wakey. Listen if Mulder can come back to life then why can't Pendrell. I mean what about Mulder at that reserve in the dessert. He's still alive. So is Skinner when he got shot. By that Mexican dude. Mulder has already gotton shot about 3 times. Once by Scully, another by that guy on the boat and he also got hit by a car! Hardly shot but anyway. They'll bring Pendy back. I mean they brought back Kimberley on Melrose Place. ( Oh great, I'm in for a bashing!)


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