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Members (or "Pendrells")

Name From... Comments
Philip "Pendrell" Sweden Founder, leader, president and everything of the Pendrells!
"Bragh" who knows? Canada? 1st person EVER to join the Pendrells
Katie "Phreak" England Advertising girl? ;) She has done a GREAT job spreading the word about the Pendrells on the 'net. Can't thank you enough. Thanx again!
Amanda "Pavement" USA 1) he is always nice
2) its cute when he tries 2 flirt with scully
3) it was funny when he get all sad because mulder lied & told him scully was on a date
4) he is...... cool 8)
Queenie Hong Kong She doesn't just want to give Pendrell a girlfriend, she wants to give EVERYONE a girlfriend/boyfriend... Yup, you heard it. Sounds pretty nice if you ask me.
"blank" USA "...what a doof." :) Seems to be really enthusiastic about giving Agent P (Agent Pendrell... uhmm...) a girlfriend. It also seems like she's the biggest Beiser fan in the club yet (Yes, all members and non-members, you are welcome to prove me wrong...)
Max "Slitch" He's from Canada but he lives in England. Slitch is among the coolest people I (Philip) have ever had the good fortune to meet, and the greatest of the great are unfit to buff his shoes.
Catherina "cat-woman" Holland I love Pendrell coz he is the ultimate sweet guy :)
Claire "Destiny" England Well the best reason is because he can be written about so well in fanfic but also because you just want to ruffle his hair and go "aawww....sweet!!" He's cute in a sort of boy next door way!!
Mel "MScully" Canada I think Pendrell deserves this because he likes Scully so much that Scully should give him a chance. He is so sweet :)
Lauren "Vassago" USA Thinks that either Pendrell or Frohike deserves Scully.
Katherine "Liscay" Australia Pendrell is the single most cool Agent in the show (next to M+S), He's just great.
Clannad USA I feel that Pendrell deserved the tribute of your page, since he's "always there" for M&S.
Carrie "x-viola" USA Pendrell deserves this asso. because he is the best comic relief on the show.
Aimee Gonzales USA I think Pendrell deserves this association because he has helped Mulder and Scully with their work. He has become a supporting character and I would hate for him to die. He is always there to help Agent Scully or Mulder anytime they need him.
Verletzt USA I like him because he is a lab tech, and I am a lab tech. Also he is in love with Scully, and so am I.
Patrick Ramsey ? I think the character should have been expanded, he would have been more popular with fans on the internet. I hope he doesn't die.
Anna S.T. England I have to join because I love Pendrell. He is such a kind man who's never hurt a fly. Together we will bring him back to life and him and Scully shall be man and wife. (just Kidding!!)
jeanette lee USA He's such a sweetie and couldn't hurt a fly and I love geeks!
Mudassir "Billoo" Pakistan 'The Pakistan Boy'
Alec Klontzas Greece !
Marjorie Canada WHYS? Ummmm...supporting Canadian actors who only score minor roles in big U.S. shows? (It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a Canadian actor...)
Alice "Gwen" From Australia, lives in USA Pendrell deserves the chance to get with Scully :)
Angie The wonderful country of AOL! Ha Ha! ;) Sure, I'll join your guys'.
"Fox Lover" USA I just hope that the LABB people won't hate me. :)
Gina Rivera USA I was soooooo upset when Pendrell was killed on the XF. He helped out M&S on several occasions and was wrongfully denied a death scene and apparently a first name!
Catlin "Kitti" USA Well, he's cute, he's funny, he was on (sniff) the x-files, and we need to keep his memory alive!!!!! PENDY LIVES!!!!
SueNVegas aka the LabQueen USA Wow! She's like the LabQueen!!! And she's with the Pendrells!
Rebecca 'SUNSHINE' Australia he looks desperate....he deserves a break....if scully ever got together with him (pretty impossible now that he's supposedly dead, but....we could always clone him) it would provide an interesting tension point with Mulder, who we'd all REALLY like to see her get together with....hehe just joking
Diane Doty USA cos he's pendrell! cute & loveable!
Neil Rudd "Smithers" UK Pendrell as got the Best job in the FBI, he gets to flirt with Dana Scully
David "Bellboy" Ireland Well, Pendrell is such a great character with his great (LOL) pick-up lines and his amazing scientific skills (??!!?!) and of course - to honour his death
Stuart "Phantom" England The reason i want to join is because i am in awe of pendrells intelligence and charm when it comes to women. I want to follow in his footsteps!
Skylar a.k.a. PrincessOfParanoia Canada Pendrell Rulz! He's funny and looks cute in that little lab coat he wears. :o)
Starseed Canada Why I love Pendrell:Why don't I love him. Look at him. He looks so cute in his labcoat, and everytime he looks at Scully with his puppudog eyes I wanna melt
Kelly Neubauer USA Ok, reason why Agent Pendrall is my fav secondary character on X-Files: Because he's smart, has great taste (witness crush on Scully), and isn't a doof, even though he thinks he is...And he shouldn't have died-I even wrote a short little story explaining just how he survived. And it's very cool to find other people who like Pendrall!
Linda Australia I fell in love with Pendrell when I watched Nisei. He was such a cutie.
Beth Lunney "Web Runner" USA Why Pendrell? It's always the lab guys that are the backbone in any investigation, the unsung hero's behind the agent/cops ect. M&S would have been lost many a time without his expertise. Besides, he's a babe!!!!!!!!!
Nora "Spookster" USA Why Pendy should get all of our love is best said by Darin Morgan: "Is that my nightmare? A world full of people who look like David Duchovny? Very much so!" We love 'ya, Dave-- but you gotta love the lab nerd more!
Alex C. Lemming America Because of the way he can come back to life I want to know more about it.
Sophie Lauren England REASON WHY PENDY IS GOD: Pendrell deserves all the attention from us adoring (or should that be "Adorable"?) fans because he is such a brilliant, interesting, sweet, funny guy and he deserves better than what he gets from Scully. We'll love him even if Scully won't.
Teresa C USA He was a very under used character. Without his help M&S would have been lost. He's also such a sweetie, all he ever wanted was to be with Scully, and he even gave his life for her.
Meghan-Tatum Carlson USA He is my (I wish) doof. I love him. He is so cool. Pendrell is one of the few smart cute guys on TV.
MrDisrupt ? I think Pendrell is great [Don't we all? :)]
Mike Goodine ? I want to join because, I think we all must <>, keep Pendrell's memory alive...
Hanna Liljeberg Sweden (woohoo!) reason: Do I have to spell it out?!?!
Kellie Flint, Michigan And why is Agent Pendrell so great...? Well...need I say more then, "He Ruuuuuules!!!!!!! and.....he's REALLY cute!!!"
Fiona, Starrrbuck/FBI Perth, Australia Pendrell is great because he has great taste in the lovely Agent Scully, he worked hard, and he was sweet. He didn't deserve to die!
Morgan Caulfield USA Pendrell is one of my favorite doofs ever. Smart, sweet, and bonkers over Scully... He's a boy after my very own heart. ;)
Hajni Sagi Gyor, Hungary Why do I love Pendrell/Brendan Beiser? Because he`s so cute and he`s such a great actor. The time where I got attention of this guy was the episode 731 and that scene, where he says `What a doof...` He was such cute, that I couldn`t forget his face.
Samantha Herdy a.k.a. Dayna Culley Queensland, Australia Pendrell is so great because I said so. And because he's really quite etc., etc., etc.
THE LEGOMAN ? Yes, I too am one of the many thousands across the globe still mourning over the death of the great one. Quite frankly, Chris Carter just went to far bumping off Pendrell. I thought that I was the only one who misses Pendrell, thankfully I discovered you guys.
Adam Robinski Poland He saved Scully's life!

Do you want to join too? No problem!