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This was posted to the Pendrells' mailing list by Kelly Neubauer

"Pendrell Girl"
(Set to the tune of that incredibly annoying yet able to
stick in your head "Barbie Girl" tune by Aqua)

Hi Scully
Hi Pendrell
D'you need a test run?
Yeah, Pendrell
Bring it in...

I'm a Pendrell girl, in an X-Files world
Life in the lab, dead bodies on the slab
He can test that chip, I'd love being on his hip
CC's Imagination, he's my fav creation
Come on Pendy, let's go Party

I'm a labcoat girl, in an FBI world
Suit me up, seal it tight, I'm your biobuddy
You're Scully's lusty techboy, feel the heat in labcoats
Testing here, for Scully there, silly doofy

Pendy's got a wet bar in his lab, beer for Scully in his hand
You're my labboy, with techie toys, feel the heat let's get a drink
You're the Pendrell's star, helped the X-Files so far
now they let you down, some come to my town

Hear our rally cry,
'Nice guys don't really die',
Scully doesn't know your name, but we'll keep you in the game
For you're our favorite X-man!